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Dr. Krystosik's life's journey led him to adopt a hippie lifestyle, and then onward to become a drugless physician passionate about the health of people and our planet. Now he is dedicated himself to formulating and distributing natural remedies based on 3 primary principles-common sense, evidence based science and without compromise in cooperation with nature.

Dr. Krystosik will keep you informed. Take a step to healthier you.

Teas n Greens


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Patient:Sara M.



The first time I tried Teas n Greens, I couldn't believe it didn't taste like "grass in a glass". It was like having a glass of berry juice without all the sugar. When I read the label and found there was only 1 gram of sugar from fruit per serving, I was amazed. I've been using the product for about 3 months now, and since then I have a bowel movement everyday. Within 6 weeks I realized my shoulder pain was gone after suffering with it for years. Thank you Dr. Krystosik for making this formula.

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Customer: John T.



I tried a lot of different green superfood products. All of them taste bad, but I use them anyway because I don't always eat the best foods. When I first read about Teas n Greens on the Internet, I have to admit I was skeptical. But when I mixed up my first glass of Teas n Greens I was pleasantly surprised. I thought about it and realized I could drink this product every day. I've been using it for a little over a month now and found I have a lot more energy and the joint pains in my hands is much better.

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Customer: Ben S.



In less than one week after drinking Teas n Greens the bloating and constipation I had for over 10 years was gone. I'm regular every day now. Not only that, I have a lot more energy. I ran out of Teas n Greens for about a week, and within two days I was back to living with bloating, constipation and very little energy. Trust me, I'll make sure I don't run out of this amazing supplement anymore. It's almost hard to believe that 75% of this product is green foods, yet it taste so good. No more caffeine energy drinks for me.

Individual results may vary


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